I Piloti che fanno parte del BiplanoClub Europa

Di seguito troverete una lista dei piloti che si sono uniti al BiplanoClub. Ciascuno di essi contribuisce, con il medesimo spirito, alla diffusione della cultura e del piacere di volare con un Biplano.

Piloti, costruttori, semplici appassionati, simpatizzanti, il mondo del BiplanoClub è composto da persone semplici ma al tempo stesso speciali.

Profilo di piloti (clicca sul nome)

P I L O T I - F O N D A T O R I




  • Cristina Aurori
  • Giacomo Giovannetti - pilota di linea; VDS
  • Giovanni Drago - pilota
  • Jan Christoph Misek (System Engineer IT, webmaster) - pilota e modellista
  • Mauro Di Biagio - Pitts S1S
  • Pietro Viscardi- pilota
  • Simonetta Pulcinella
  • Stephen Briggs - Sherwood Ranger


Anreas Jesewang- Kiebitz DE

Andreas Schettler- Kiebitz OE (Austria)

Andy May- Kiebitz DE

Anouschka Arp - Kiebitz E (Spagna)

Bruno Volanthen- Tiger Moth - CH (Svizzera)

Dieter Pönitz- Kiebitz- DE

Dietmar Mohr- Kiebitz- DE

Emmanuel Boulanger- Comet- F (Francia)

Erwin Bierwald- Kiebitz- DE

Franz Josef Köhler- Kiebitz- DE

Friedrich Kempe- Kiebitz- DE

Gregor Behling- Kiebitz- DE

Gunnar Daub- Kiebitz- DE

Hans Wolf- Kiebitz- DE (biplano incidentato 2010 in Austria)

Heinz Hartmüller- Kiebitz- DE (con il carello ski!)

Helmut Silbermann- Kiebitz- DE

James Schmid- Kiebitz- DE

Jan Meissner- Kiebitz- DE

Jens Bürger- Kiebitz- DE

Jochen Jung- Kiebitz- DE

Lothar Best- Kiebitz- DE

Martin Haak- Kiebitz- DE

Michael Fasching-Kiebitz- DE

Nadine Wagner- Kiebitz- DE

Nikos A. Psaros - GR (Hellas- Grecia)

Peter Schuh- Kiebitz- DE

Peter Wagner- Kiebitz-DE

Siegfried Graf- Kiebitz- DE

Steffen Köber- Kiebitz- DE

Steve Robson -GB(Great Britain)

Steve Robson - Pilot Profile:
I have always wanted to fly, something that I recall from my earliest
memories as a child.  There is something about the shape and form of
aircraft that has always drawn to me to them, I am continually
fascinated and have an enduring love and passion of aircraft and
My earliest memory comes from when I was about 3 years old at air
display at Church Fenton in Yorkshire , England .  In those days you
were able to walk right up to the aircraft and from the edge of the
runway I recall seeing the huge jet roar past and climb into the sky
sitting on two plumes of black smoke.  It was incredibly loud and I
recall being frightened and fascinated at the same time.  Later I
found put the the aircraft was a Gloster Javelin.
I leaned to fly on gliders in the early 1980s and later became an
instructor.  Gliding is pure flying to me, you have to fly accurately
and use the energy in the atmosphere and is always a challenge.  My
job in the UK armed forces meant that I spent a long time away from
home and when our two boys came along I found it difficult to justify
spending so much time on the gliding field, but I still always enjoy
spending time with my boys even though they are now adults themselves.
During one of military posts I managed to save up enough to take my
Private Pilots Licence, and my wife was also very supportive so off I
went to get my PPL.  I flew the club 'spam cans' for a little while
but I always wanted greater freedom, especially flying into farm
strips and so I bought an Evans VP1, a VW powered single seat low wing
monoplane called 'Daisy'.  I had great fun with that for four years
until I bought a two seat Rollason Condor D62b.  The previous owner
told me that she too had a name - but it was 'Victor' but I kept the
name and made sure it was passed on when I sold her 14 years later.
For the past two years I have owned a Vans RV4, in many ways my dream
aeroplane.  It is a good tourer as well as aerobatic and I can easily
get in and out of small farm strips, and by the way she is called
'Ivy'.  I am also a member of the Devon Strut of the Light Aircraft
Association in the UK .  We share the same passion for flying as the
Biplano Club, we all share the common bond!
During my flying I have had the opportunity to fly many different
types of aircraft including a few biplanes, Tiger Moth, Jungmann,
Curry Wot and EAA Biplane as well as some mircolights.  But my
childhood dreams are still with me, I still love to fly!




Thorsten Döring- Kiebitz- DE

Uwe Schomber- Kiebitz- DE

Walter Eckstein- Kiebitz- DE

Werner Langer- Kiebitz- DE

Nikos A. Psaros -Zenair- Rhodos- GR

Werner Purger- Kiebitz- DE

Werner Servatius- Comet- DE

Wigbert Rippert- Comet- DE

Willfried Lausecker- Kiebitz- DE

Wilfried Wolterinck- Kiebitz- DE

Wolfgang Rieber- Kiebitz- DE

Wolfgang Störz- Kiebitz- DE





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